Rent Toyota Hiace in Padang

Rent Toyota Hiace in Padang

Toyota Hiace Padang

Rental needs of your car rental while in Padang and West Sumatra in general, then we still provide the latest car to serve your arrival with family, group, and business affairs in the city of Padang. Rent a Toyota Hiace in Padang City is one car for car rental services in Padang. Our company continues to provide rental car or rental car service using the latest Rental Fleet especially Toyota Hiace Latest Various colors Car.


In addition we also coordinate teamwork with experienced crew field to provide your travel services in Ranah Minangkabau with colleagues, your social media group friends and our company is one of his ready to serve the needs of car rental in the city of Padang.


For rental price or car rental in Padang City, we give special price and corporate price for fellow Travel agent who want to handle his guest to West Sumatra area, we also serve ordering HPI Tour Guide that is competence in his field especially field Organization Guide.


PT. TG Sumbarindowisata Tour & Travel also serve Padang Tour package request with a Superior Program that is MINANGKABAU Halal Tour Tour with a program around Indahnya Ranah Minangkabau and presenting Traditional Tradition Culture and various Minang Culinary style.

Armada TGSW


Please reserve for your car rental with us by sending info bookingan to our email address:


Call Info booking: +6282283619088 (WhatsApp)

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