Tour Object at Padang West Sumatra

Batang Arau

Batang Arau flow at the estuary dividing the city of Padang region in the hills known as Mount Padang. And at the mouth of the Batang Arau there is also a port named port of Muara. Batang Arau was tipped up in the Bukit Barisan .. This place is the center of the commercial area of the city of Padang when the Dutch were still in West Sumatra. From the edge of the Batang Arau, we were treated to views of the feast for the eyes. Fishing vessels or cruise ships at the jetty looks like a row of cubes formed naturally nature.

Location : Padang
Duration : 10 minute from Padang Downtown.

Malin Kundang stone

Malin Kundang stone is a stone that resembles a human face on the ground at Air Manis Beach, Padang, West Sumatra. According to the surrounding community, the stone is believed to be Malin Kundang which has been condemned by his mother to become a rock for being insubordinate. around Malin Kundang also found shards ships thought to be remnants of a destroyed ship of Malin Kundang. Until now, no one can identified, which this story is a real story or not but people around always believe of this story and tell this story to their descent.

Location : Air manis Beach
Duration : 45 minutes from Padang downtown

Bungus Beach

A natural bay dominated by impressive hills which tower above the pleasant rice fields tha cover the palin. The crescent shaped bay is unspoiled, with white sand lined with coconut trees.
Swimming is save, the water being almost too warm. This is the perfect place to relax, sunbath, swim or bath-comb. It is possible to hire canoes, surfboats and snorkeling equipment, and boats go to the island nearby. Stay at a home stay along the beach, sit and watch the sun go down over this splendid bay. Some restaurants serve seafood and other dishes in the surroundings.

Location : Padang City
Duration : around 45 minutes from Centre of Padang

Padang Mountain

Being on the peak of Padang Mountain was incredible, the landscape is very diverse. Starting from the view of Padang downtown, Padang beach, lines of mountain chain, mountain Singgalang, and when we walked towards the west could see the coast of Air manis Beach, the ships will be docked at port of Bayur bay, and the islands that located around the city of Padang. From here also could see the movement of the plane until it landed at the airport. Usually people do soft tracking to get the top of Padang Mountain and continue the journey through the forest to the Air Manis Beach.

Location : Padang
Duration : 15 Minute from Padang Downtown

The old town

The old town is a witness to the history of the city of Padang, behind the amazing architecture of the building save the Mystery of the historical events in the old time.Old town is located on the outskirts of the river Batang Arau. there are interesting sights here. Buildings Dutch colonial heritage, which partially made warehouses, offices and even hotels. In this area there are also temples and meetinghouses Tiong Hua Association Unite people. This area is one of the spice trade center and seat of government in ancient times because it was so close to the estuary leading to the west coast of Sumatra.

Location : Padang
Duration : 10 Minutes from Padang downtown

Painan Carocok Beach

pantai-carocok-painan 2
Painan Carocok Beach attractions located in the district IV Jurai with Mileage 77 KM from Padang. This area is dealing with 2 pieces of islands, the Cingkuak Island and Kereta Island. From a distance also appears Semangki island with beautiful scenery and clean water, and if move to Langkisau Peak we will see an amazing sight, that make we realize of the power of God. Various water sports can also be enjoyed here. In addition to the collection of islands is also commonly enjoyed from air using paralayang.

Location : Painan
Duration :2 Hours from Padang

Air Manis Beach

Pantai Air Manis
From Padang ‘Muara Harbour’, catch a canoe across the river. There is a clear path over the hill, throught the colourful Chinese cemetery, along the path here are many clove trees and the scenic beauty of nature can be enjoyed. The path over the ‘Gunung Monyet” (Mt. Monkey) is cool and pleasant.
The Beach at air manis is nice though not the best for swimming. The view is what makes this beach so popular for tourists. The local will be happy to put you up and you may event be able to go out night fishing. During the low tide you can walk out to go to Pulau Pisang ketek ( Small Banana Island), but keep an eye on the idea. Go on walking over the next hill for fine view over the harbor of teluk bayur, walk down and then catch a minibus back to town

Location : Padang City
Duratiion : Around 45 Minutes from Padang

Nirwana Beach

Located in the Bungus bay, l4 km south of Padang. Sloping beach with a panoramic view of the hills behind the overgrown tropical plants. There are tourist facilities such as gates, cafeterias, boat rentals, children’s playground. This beach is perfect for enjoying the panoramic view of the open sea, boating and camping. The waves were very calm as a lake. This beach is surrounded by cliffs and there is a collection of monkeys that live there are the occasional play in the beach area. Can also be seen from a distance the ships are fishing and small islands.

Location : Bungus
Duration : 30 minutes from Padang

Sunset at Padang beach

On the west coast, Padang beach comes alive in early evening when the locals take a stall to watch the sunset while enjoying the taste of a special dish called “Rujak” (mix fruit) and enjoying the impressive fsihermen’s motorboats lamps offshore nearby.

Location : Bungus
Location : Padang City
Duration : Downtown of Padang

Root Bridge

The Root bridge constitutes a unique place of interest in West Sumatera, under which a clean river called Batang Bayang flow swiftly. Its water is clean enough for bathing and drafting, and it is located in Pulut-pulut, Bayang.
The unique character of this bridge, is that it was made of beringin roots which called Pakih Sokan in 1916 and who waqs assisted by the neighbouring people.
The bridge connects Pulut-pulut village with the education centre of Pakih Sohan as a site dor educating the local people in the Islamic tradition.
It is not similar to other bridges, which tend to grow weaker as time goes by. This root bridge becomes stronger and stronger each day, as the strength and size of the banyan tree’s roots increase.

Location : Painan city
Duration : Around 1,5 Hours from Padang.

Sikuai Island

Thirty minutes from Bungus beach, visitors will find a beautiful small island by which can be reached boat. It is a combination of a beach and hill range where you will find your day filled with enchanting adventures, memories and experiences. The beautiful green tropical garden with a private terrace overlooking the exotic beach. There are some facilities for tourists like accommodation, restaurant, coffe shop, jogging and cycling track, beach volley, and facility for water sport.

Location : Sikuai Island
Duration : Around 1 Hours from Padang

Tabuik festival

The tabuik festival is traditionally held every year in Pariaman during the first ten days of the muharram month ( Moeslim calender). The festival originally is a symbolism of the myth of an incident that fell upon the prophet Muhammad’s grandsons Hasan and Hosen. They were involved in a conflict against Muawiyah bin Abi Sofyan and King Yagid who wished to snatch the hereditary right of caliph from the two brother’s family line. Then, the conflict broke in to a war and hasan and Husen were killed on the Karbela battlefield
“Buraq” a mythical creature with a beautiful lady’s head, was believed to have saved and brought the two brother’s souls to heaven.
In the “Tabuik” festival, the effigies of ‘Buraq”, each with a carriage on its back, are carried in procession, accompanied by drum beating and supporters dancing.
In the sunset, the “Tabuik(s)”, are thrown into the sea as the symbol of the moment when the ‘Buraq’ had brought Hasan and Hosen’s Souls to heaven.

Location : Pariaman city
Duration : 1,5 hours from padang

Teluk Bayur
Teluk bayur port is one port located in the city of Padang, West Sumatra province. Teluk Bayur port formerly named Emmahaven built since the Dutch colonial era between the years 1888 to 1893. This port serves as the gateway between the islands and the outflow gates enter the export-import goods from and to West Sumatra. This once bustling port is used primarily to distribute the coal from Sawahlunto.

Location : Padang
Duration : 30 minutes from Pad

Cubadak Island


It is and untouched island with a high fill of around 40Km2 and surrounded by a coral reef. The island seems to be on a huge lake because there are neither big waves nor streams.
The island is completely covered by a virgin equatorial forest inhabited by different kinds of monkey, wild piq, deer, and iguanas numerous birds.

Locationn : Painan Regency
Duration : Around 1,5 Hours from padang

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